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Your perfect domains extension is taken? What do you do? Here are 6 strategies to use if your domain is not available!

Domains Extension
Let’s face it – a part of the struggle or building and running a business in today’s digital age is finding the right domain name and domains extension. You have a great idea for a business name, you design business cards, start the paperwork, share your idea with the people around you and when you go to register the domain name, you discover that the name you want is taken. You are devastated. So, what do you do?
Do you change the name somehow? Do you give up your perfect domain name or domains extension? Do you add random words? Do you choose a weird domain ending?
As a business owner, this is probably one of the toughest situations. This situation makes you rethink your entire business strategy.So that these situations do not happen to you we leave you here one of the companies focused on taking the best domain name for your company with the appropriate extension: www.shopify.com/domains
As you know, selecting the right domain name, as well as, domains extension is important as the domain is a big part of the SEO strategy and will impact your overall importance. If you make a mistake, it can negatively affect your SEO in the long term.
When running a website, blog or ecommerce store, a large amount of traffic will come from people who search your business. It is called a navigational search. This is just one of the reasons why it is good to use your brand name.
Worry not as we have alternatives that will work for you. Here are 6 strategies you can use if your domain name or domains extension is not available:

➢ Try to buy it

This is one of the first things you can try to do. Even though this is a simple solution, a lot of people don’t consider it. They search the domain name and once they see it is taken, they immediately give up. That doesn’t always have to be the case. We advise you to contact the owner directly and see if he is interested in selling the domain. Use whois.com to discover the owner’s contact information.

➢ Add a verb to your domain

This is a great strategy and there are two benefits if you consider it – you can still use the brand name in the URL and you don’t have to consider another domains extension.

➢ Extend your brand in the URL

Did you know that until 2016, Tesla Motor didn’t use tesla.com as this domain was already taken. Instead, they used teslamotor.com. The catch when using this strategy is to make sure you don’t use any word to extend your brand. The word has to be relevant and say something about your business and your products.

➢ Consider a country code top-level domain

Even though .com is a global domain extension, the ccTLDs or country code top-level domains are just as popular and trustworthy. In some cases, the ccTLDs are actually more important than .com extensions.

➢ Consider alternative TLDs

Sometimes, if the domain name is already taken, it automatically means that .com is taken. But wait, don’t panic just because .com is taken. You can always consider alternative TLDs. Choose a top-level domain that is related to your business niche.

➢ Use a domain hack

The domain hacks are creative strategies to use alternative TLDs to make a phrase or a word. They have a high novelty factor which means they are super easy to remember. Keep in mind that domain hacks are not for everyone. If you think you have a trendier brand, don’t hesitate and try them out.

So, which of these strategies will you use?