Five reasons to register a domain name today

//Five reasons to register a domain name today

Five reasons to register a domain name today

Maintaining a strong internet presence is essential for businesses, products and services, and registering a domain name is one of the first steps towards achieving this. Ideally, a good domain name will help your clients locate you, interact with you and most importantly, make purchases of your products or services from anywhere around the world. Let us take a look at some of the main benefits of having your own domain name.

Memorable domain name

Choosing an easy to read, spell and write domain name is the best way to help potential clients locate you on the internet. Such a domain name will also add memorability and credibility to your online presence and in the process increase the online visitor traffic to your website.

Email addresses

When you successfully apply for a domain name, the registering company will provide you with an unlimited number of personalized email addresses to go with the name you chose. The part of an email address that follows the ‘@’ symbol will be your domain name and you can use any name, numbers or symbols to precede the ‘@’ symbol with the primary aim of making the email memorable.

Domain forwarding

If you do not have a personal blog or webpage, you still have many reasons to register a domain name. By using domain forwarding option, you can quickly set up your own domain name and use it to redirect visitors to any webpage on the internet. For example, you can register ‘’ and set it to redirect visitors to your personal Facebook and Twitter pages. This process allows you to add a simple, memorable URL link to your social network page while still providing you with an easy to find internet presence.

Business and product promotion

Products and services are basically the two most essential components in different business transactions, and unlike before, they have all been moved from the traditional offline platforms to the modern online platforms. Needless to say, today, for you to make an impact in any of your clients’ mind, you must have a stable and recognizable online presence which they can quickly feel and get attracted to. Thus, you definitely need a domain name and consequently, an active website if you are serious about running a successful business in the years to come.


Registering a domain name as soon as possible is always a great idea, as availability is swiftly decreasing. Millions of domain names are registered every day and waiting to register a specific domain name that is relevant for your business can quickly lead to disappointment if someone else beats you to it.


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