When is The Ideal Time for Registering an Expired Domain Name?

//When is The Ideal Time for Registering an Expired Domain Name?

When is The Ideal Time for Registering an Expired Domain Name?

In normal circumstances a domain name cannot be reregistered immediately it gets expired. Most registering companies often wait for a grace period of that can vary from one to two weeks or even up to a year before allowing registrants to renew their expired domain names. The average grace period can vary from one individual to the other and also the domain name extension. That means that the grace period for a .net domain extension can be different from the domain name extension of a .us extension even though they may be at the same registrar.

After the registrar’s grace period is over, there is usually a redemption period for the domain names. The redemption period usually lasts from two weeks to thirty days. At this time the registrant can pay the redemption charges to renew the domain name as well as the renewal fee for the domain name.

If the registrant refuses to renew the domain name or redeem it, the domain name might get auctioned. In case the domain name is released for public selling you can choose to capture it by merely placing a bid on it.

Failure of renewing, redeeming or buying of the domain name through the public auction, it is usually released back to the registry. The registry will then determine the time when it will be released back again for registration.

If you value your domain name its always advisable for you to pay the required redemption fee as that is the only assurance that you will be in a position to keep your domain name. If by any chance the redemption period has already passed you will have no option other than buying it from the new owner. Someone might have already purchased it then put it back for auction for reselling.

For you to get an expired domain, you need to understand the various stages of domain names release. Domain names are usually not available on the exact day that they expire. The registers wait for 40 days before expelling the former owner, and they hold it for another one month with the hopes that the former owner might renew the domain name. Hence it becomes quite difficult to track the exact release of the domain names.


Estimating the exact date release of domain names can be hard. If you treasure your domain name, you should make a point of paying the redemption fee for you to get it back.


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